MQM Houston Holds Condemnation Meeting on Karachi Mishap

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Houston; January 13, 2010: MQM Houston held a condemnation meeting last Sunday that was attended by the office bearers, workers and supporters of MQM Houston to condemn the recent Karachi Mishap. The speakers at the meeting strongly deprecated the incident which cost dozens of innocent lives and destruction and looting of assets worth billions of Pak rupees after a suicidal bomb attack on a Yaum-e-Ashur procession last month. Speakers strongly believed that the Karachi bomb blast incident was an act of terrorism and also a heinous conspiracy to disturb the peace of the city. MQM Houston also appealed to investigate and expose the terrorists responsible for the Karachi bomb blast and also to find out who is responsible. They also demanded that the nation wants to know who is patronizing these criminal elements. They also said that the Karachi incident is a conspiracy to disturb the economy of the city and destabilize the country. In the meeting a motion was also passed in which MQM Houston appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take immediate action and secure the available evidence including the CCTV footage of the incident by taking this into the judicial custody. The other motion passed was that the Government and Administration has failed to inform the nation of the facts behind the Karachi incident and no one responsible has been arrested so far.