MQM Houston Chapter hosts a meeting in the honor of
Member MQM Central Coordination Committee and the Former Mayor of Karachi
Syed Mustafa Kamal


MQM Houston Chapter took advantage of the presence of Mustafa Kamal Bhai in Houston during his visit on the invitation of James Baker institute for Public Policy for a presentation on “The Future of the Global Metropolis, The Case of Karachi and Its Importance in the Region.”


Mustafa Kamal Bhai discussed in detail the critical political and financial situation of Pakistan and said that the success of MQM Punjab convention is a ray of hope for the millions of oppressed people of Pakistan and that this struggle has entered in its final era. He stressed that the message of Mr. Altaf Hussain must reach to the masses and every worker of the MQM in Pakistan and abroad must take responsibility in this regard. Later, he answered the questions from the audience.
Mr. Kamal Zafar central organizer of MQM USA was also present at the event. He congratulated the MQM Houston chapter for organizing this event on such a short notice. He advised Sathis to invites other community people to join hands with MQM and spread the message of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai.
In the end, chapter incharge Syed Najmi thanked Syed Mustafa Kamal and the Central Organizer Kamal Zafar for coming down to Houston and meeting with the community.