Mah-e-Fikr & Quaid E Tehreek’s Birthday Celebrated in Houston. A century old Holy Quran presented for Quaid by the local community leader.(09/23/2004)

MQM Houston arranged a get together dinner in reference to Quaid E Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai’s Birthday and Awami Rabita Campaign. The dinner was attended by a huge number of Houstonian to celebrate the Quaid’s birthday. MQM Houston unit committee along with Advisory Committee and local unit worker were also present at the event. The dinner started with the recitation of Quranic Surah by six-year-old Fatama Ghayur, afterwards a local poet Masroor Bherailwi recited an appropriate poem for the occasion.

A breath taking moment came in the event when a well-known sindhi speaking leader from Houston Mr. Sabbhir Barohi bestow a 105 years old Quran written with Gold as a present to Quaid E Tehreek Altaf Hussain. The antique Quran, according to Mr. Barohi has been in possession of emperors, Talpoors (A known family of province Sind) and was kept in the custody of his ancestors for a long period, which we would like to present to Altaf Bhai to show our love and affection. He also desires to meet Quaid E Tehreek Altaf Hussain one day. Houston Unit In-Charge Mohsin Zaidi and Advisory Committee In-Charge Atty. Nayyer Izfar received the gift and promised to have it delivered the valuable gift to Quaid E Thereek as soon as possible.

Another well-know businessman of Houston Mr Javiad Khoja came to the stage to well wish Quaid E thereek on his birthday and said that he would pay a visit to Quaid E Thereek Altaf Hussain Bhai in London. Unit In-Charge Mohsin Zaidi in his brief speech thanked everyone who attended the dinner. Mughni Raza Joint Unit-Incharge of MQM Houston Unit conducted the event and talked about Quaid’s philosophy and ideology. They also thanked local newspaper reporters and Electronic media for covering the event. Dinner was served to the participating guests before the event came to complete closure.