A Vibrant Evening With Nazim e Karachi At Houston

Houston, May 05, 2008: It was a beautiful, colorful, and vibrant evening the MQM Houston Unit had with the Nazim e Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal in a huge congregation of the Pakistani community in Houston in a local hotel on Sunday May 04, 2008. The evening, named “Eik Shaam-Shehr e Quaid Ke Naam”, which rose to its name, was attended by Pakistani community to the tune of 700 included people from all walks of life including doctors, engineers, intellectuals, businessmen, poets, journalists, medial personnel, diplomats, workers from other Pakistani political parties, and diplomats. The evening was also attended by MQM Houston workers, workers of MQM USA’s literary, political, social, and recreational wings, members of The Central Organizing Committee MQM USA, Acting Central Organizer MQM USA, and Nigraan e Aala MQM North America.  

While many people spoke at the evening including Unit In charge and Nigraan of MQM Houston, members of Central Organizing Committee, Acting Central Organizer, Councilman M J Khan, and Counsel General of Pakistan, the keynote speeches came from the Nigraan e Aala MQM North America Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui who elaborated on the current political scene in Pakistan, and Nazim e Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal who highlighted the progress and development of Karachi in the past three years.  

Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said, in his address, that Karachi belongs to those who are standing by the “Haq” (truth), and truth is not only speaking truth, truth is also to stand by the right and to defy the wrong, to fight for the rights, to fight against tyranny and oppression, and to stand by the oppressed people to alleviate their deprivations and sorrows. He added that the only solution for the political dilemma in Pakistan is the termination of the feudal system, and abolishment of the feudal mentality which reflects sometimes in the face of religious fanatics, sometimes in the shape of bureaucracy, and sometimes in the form of feudal lords. He said that Muttahida Quami Movement is working on a single point agenda of dismissing the feudal system from the country and rights for the 98% deprived.  

Nazim e Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal regretted that he still had to do basic works like provision of drinking water and sewerage system while he is building flyovers, and these basic tasks should have been completed some 50 years ago. He said that a lot of money is being spent on the infra-structure as this huge city never had any master plan for the growth of the city. He said that the present city government of Karachi has served the inhabitants of Karachi without any prejudice of nationality and political affiliation. He said that he served each and every citizen of Karachi on the wishes of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain who instructed him to serve even those who never voted for Muttahida Quami Movement.

This beautiful evening extended into the night and ended at around midnight at the dinner.