The Day Of The Martyrs (Yaum-e-Shuhadah) Observed In Houston!

MQM Houston Unit organized a public gathering to observe The Day of the Martyrs (Yaum-e-Shuhadah) to commemorate Saniha-e-Aligarh and the sacrifices given by the martyrs of that incidence. The event was beautifully organized at local hotel by the event committee which includes Akhalq Ahmed, Sultan Omar, Kanwar Anjum, Imtiaz Ahsan, G M Chishti, Enayat Ashraf, Khalil Jilani, and Azam Akhtar, and was anchored by Jawairia Jawed, an office bearer of Youth Wing, MQM USA. The event was attended by the office bearers, workers and general Haq Parast Community in Houston, The Acting Joint Central Organizer, MQM USA, Kamal Zafar, and Nigran-e-Aala MQM North America, Dr. Khalid Mqabool Siddiqui. Those who spoke at the occasion include Major Najmi, Shamshad Wali, Enayat Ashraf, G. M. Chishti, MQM Houston Unit In charge, The Acting Central Organizer, and the Nigran-e-Aala, MQM North America. All the speakers emphasized on the significance of the day and the lesson learnt from this day and the days like it, and that the fallen heroes should not be forgotten, and that the nations who forget their martyrs donít get to their goals, but the state-of-the-art deliverance came from the Nigran-e-Aala who elaborated on the philosophy behind the sacrifices for the Organization, for the movement, and for the nations. He further pointed out at the biggest dilemma of Pakistan, the feudal system, and insisted that in the presence of the prevailing feudal system, the democracy can never survive, and, if survives, can never prosper in Pakistan. The Nigran e Aala also elaborated on the role of MQM in the politics of Pakistan. The event ended at the dinner during which The Acting Central Organizer MQM USA and Nigran e Aala intermingled with the public and answered their questions about MQM, Pakistan, and political situation of Pakistan.