Dr.Aamir Liaquat "Awam Ki Adalat Main" in Los Angles (Jan-03-2006)

Dr. Aamer Liaquat Hussain,Host of "Alim on Line" and Federal Minister of State for Religious Affairs was celebrated in Los Angeles in a public gathering.Program was started with Quranic recitation by a young Hafiza Maria Khan.The theme of the program was "Dr Aamer Liaquat Awam ke Adalat main".This was a unique kind of program where Dr. Aamer Liaquat was tried in a public court by a public prosecutor.Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqi,caretaker MQM north America was also brought to the court alongwith Dr. Aamer Liaquat.Where Public Prosecutor's role was played by MQM's Ex-deputy Mayor of Karachi,Mateen Yousuf Bhai and Famous TV and stage artist Mr.Ayaz Khan who was also comparing for the program.

Large number of Los Angelians including Lawyers,Doctors,Businessmen,students,party supporters,party workers attended and enjoyed the evening.Local organizations like "Urdu Writer's Society"," Pakistan American Chamber of Commerce", "Urdu Merkez" and others were also on hand to enhance the evening. MQM USA's Central Organizing Committee member Kamal Zafar, California Incharge Samin Faruqi along with senior supporter Atiya Niazi welcome the guests.

Dr.Aamer Liaquat faced all the pointy question thrown at him by the public prosecutor and answer each and every one of them with greater detail and patience.Mr.Ayaz Khan also amused the guests with his unique way of comedy. In the end Dr. Aamer Liaquat also answer questions from the public and recited some Naats.A small session of donation also brought in some eleven houses from the guests.

This program was organized by Los Angeles Unit and Karachi Club's working committee.Masood Khan,Ikram Shah,Ishtiaq Hasan,Saeed Khan,Pervez Khan,Arif Abbas,Mohd Latif,Asif Farooqi,Mohd Ahsan,Khalid Hasan and Los Angeles Unit Incharge Waseem Zaidi were some of the few responsible for the credit.