A Day at the Grill – Los Angeles (June-09-2006)

Keeping the tradition alive, Los Angeles unit hosted a BBQ party at Cerritos Park. Just a few days prior to the BBQ, hot and dry temperatures ranging from 85-90o F hit the city of Los Angeles but Mother Nature caved in to accommodate the occasion.

Pakistanis who attended the BBQ were enticed to meet the guests from the east coast: Mr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, caretaker MQM North America and Canada, Mr. Ajaz Siddiqui, Central Organizer MQM USA, Mr. Huda Khan, In charge MQF (Muttahida Quomi Fund) USA. Khalid Bhai, former Federal Minister, a well-known figure to the LA community and a dynamic leader of MQM, with his diversified experience, answered questions and concerns to the audience. Dr. Siddiqui appreciated the interest shown by the supporters of Karachi Club and MQM Los Angeles.

Invited guests included Mr. Noor Mohd Jadmani, Consul General of Pakistan from the Los Angeles Consulate. Mr. Jadmani had been a regular feature at community gatherings and parties. He has supported Karachi Club’s offerings such as the annual Haleem, Mushaira and others.

Speaking to the audience of about 250 people, Sameen Faruqi Bhai, In-charge MQM California, briefly highlighted the role of Karachi Club & MQM in Los Angeles. He thanked Mr. Jadmani for his support and vigor in reaching the hearts of Pakistani ex-patriots living in Los Angeles and wished him well in future. Mr. Jadmani appreciated the audience for their support to him and the Consulate team. He assured that the new Consul Mr. Ibne Abbas and his team will continue the excellent work he leaves behind.

Following the speeches, Perwez Khan Bhai, along with other unit members and workers, skillfully worked his magic at the grill; which was much appreciated by the company. To top it off Wasim Zaidi Bhai, unit in-charge Los Angeles, cut a large cake bearing white, red and green colors to represent MQM flag, thus acknowledging this event as it came to an end.