MQM Los Angeles Chapter Participates in a Community Health Initiative.

Media Cell, MQM USA; Los Angeles; April 24, 2009: On Sunday, 19 April, MQM Los Angeles chapter members teamed up with the community based organization South Asian network (SAN), supporting its Community Health Action Initiative (CHAI). To show solidarity with CHAI, MQM LA members including Ishtiaq Hasan, and Neelofar Zaidi volunteered in the Health Fair organized by SAN. Certified phlebotomists were there to assist doctors and physicians by drawing blood for physical tests and further assessments. Health Fair, actually turned out to be a health outreach: where professionals from the medical community volunteered in promoting awareness and prevention, educating in the various South Asian communities for issues like Breast Cancer, Tobacco, HIV/AIDS. Low cost health insurance and other related issues that the South Asian Community faces.
The president of SAN Mr. Hamid Khan thanked the MQM members for volunteering their time and efforts to show solidarity in community concerns.
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