Community enchanted by Karachi Club’s Haleem (Jan-31-07)

When certain seasons of worship come around like the months of Ramadan and Muharram, it is very important that we re-evaluate ourselves to see what blessings we have gotten from them. Were they in proportion with the power of the season? Have we preserved these blessings? Well, the blessings were right in time for LA. It rained previous day and as if almighty heard the prayers and decided to give it a rest; to let the community to commemorate Ashura, the slaying of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed PBUH.

Sunday 28 January, 2007 Los Angeles hosted annual Haleem to offer homage to the martyrdom of Shaheed e Karbala, Imam Hussein and his family. Garden Grove Park – a familiar place was once became a favorite GPS entry for motoring public as they head for the enticing Haleem in town.

Continuing with its tradition of 9 years the members of Karachi Club and MQM USA LA unit hosted Haleem cook out. A crowd of about 2,300 Angelinos showed up to support the event that has become hallmark of MQM Los Angeles. This Day of Atonement invited people from different walks of life.

Present in attendance among other prominent community leaders were former in charge LA unit and ex member central organizing committee Adnan Naqvi. And Mr. Ibne Abbas, Consul General of Pakistan in Los Angeles, he was astonishingly excited to see a large number of Pakistanis that came out to appreciate the event. He also expressed gratitude for the members of Karachi Club and the LA unit for continuing the commemoration tradition.

Kamal Zafar, member MQM USA Central Org Committee along with In-charge Karachi Club Samin faruqi, greeted guests. Wasim Zaidi, unit in-charge thanked Karachi Club team members Masood Khan, Ikram Shah, Perwez Khan and Arif Abbas and LA unit members Asif Farooqui, Abdul Lateef, Ishtiaq Hasan, Mohammed Khalid, and Kamran Khan. LA unit would like to thank Syed Ahsan and Saeed Khan for contributing in the team effort.