MQM Los Angeles Continues with its Yearly Haleem Tradition.(Feb-22-06)

In keeping with its tradition, MQM, Los Angeles unit hosted annual Haleem, to commemorate 10th Moharram. Karachi Club, sponsored the event that witnessed larger number of attendees than the previous years.

Garden Grove Park, a familiar place for Angelinos, was the center of attraction as usual. On a rather gorgeous day, overcast weather conditions gave way to tastiest Haleem ever prepared by the ever willing duos, Arif Abbas Bhai and Perwez Khan Bhai. The two leaders projecting true spirit of Karachi Club, join hands with the LA unit, delegated by Wasim Zaidi, in-charge and it's members Asif Farooqi, Ishtiaq Hasan, Syed Ahsan, Khalid Hasan, Abdul Lateef and longtime volunteer Ikram Shah. Central Org: committee member Kamal Zafar welcomed the guests who drove from all corner of the city. The evening ended around 5pm and so the homage to Imam Hussain's valor for the day was concluded.

Former member Central Org: Committee Adnan Naqvi Bhai, fittingly attended the Haleem. After all, it was his teams efforts that instituted the event originally. The LA unit pays tributes to the founding volunteers who pioneered the Haleem offering and hence, special thanks to Adnan Bhai for starring the show.