Peace and Solidarity Rally for Pakistan in Los Angeles

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Los Angeles; May 30th, 2009: MQM Los Angeles took part in joining hands with the concerned Pakistanis in sending message to the world that Taliban are not welcome in Pakistan. A rally was organized by the Pakistani Diaspora of the greater Los Angeles area to show support for the displaced Pakistanis, and display solidarity to the Pakistani Armed forces that is carrying out operation to rid the country from Taliban.

Around 400 Pakistanis were on hand to denounce Taliban. Holding hands, singing patriotic songs, waving Pakistani and American flags, everyone participated in a concerted display of anti Talibanisation. Of the many challenges, Pakistan has elected government faces perhaps the most menacing and deep-rooted is ‘Talibanisation’. Pakistan has survived many setbacks in its short history and very sadly is going through another turbulent period with the onslaught of Taliban extremism.

Besides being the cradle to one of the oldest civilizations of the world and a land of picturesque beauty, Pakistan is a nation of generous, hospitable and hardworking people most of whom follow a moderate and tolerant path but are unduly affected by the current crisis. The rally took place outside the steps of City Hall Los Angeles and the message was clear. The majority of us want peace and progress to be restored in Pakistan and its surrounding regions. We as Pakistani Americans would like to voice our opposition to extremism and show our solidarity with the people of Pakistan, its government, and its troops in this struggle to restore peace with the hope and desire to regain its past glory and set it back on the path of progress. The Taliban have already reduced many hotels and educational institutions to rubble in Swat and other previously idyllic areas. Recovery from the nightmare they have unleashed will take much time, once it is over. And over it must be, later if not sooner. In the long term, as Pervez Hoodbhoy predicts, “the forces of irrationality will cancel themselves out because they act at random whereas reason pulls only in one direction.”

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