An evening with Mr. Muhammad Younus in Los Angeles. (April-25-06)

MQM Los Angeles unit was honored by the presence of Muhammad Younus, Senior Vice Coordinator, MQM International Relations Division. He was recently attributed with Asian American Coalition"s Community Services Award in a prestigious ceremony in Chicago.

In a rather cozy setting, on a beautiful evening local unit members and supporters got together to listen to Younus Bhai. He shared his experiences of the days when MQM was making all-out efforts to reach mainstream media in the US, and around the world in order to draw their attention to the inhuman opposition it faced. The broadened MQM network in the US was launched and initiated while he worked as Chief Organizer USA and Canada. Speaking on his experiences in ensuring MQM's exposure to outside world he stressed the need to have an effective participation in the local US political system. "This will help in making our identity known to the officials representing the districts we resides in" says Younus Bhai. We shall never let our guards down in any situations and should stay united under the leadership of our great leader Altaf Hussain. He praised Altaf Bhai for his wisdom and forethoughts. It is our professional leadership that has made MQM, a word synonymous to every citizen that has passion for homeland.

Before adjourning the meeting he answered questions and concerns raised by the audience. Younus Bhai reiterated the philosophy behind MQM manifesto. His speech was a refresher course for most on MQM policies. He stressed on a broad minded approach to issues in dealing with house-keeping. He emphasized on the need to practice discipline and highlighted understanding responsibilities within ranks.

A sumptuous dinner followed by the meeting, hosted by Wasim Zaidi unit in-charge Los Angeles, was made possible by Kamal Zafar, member Central Organizing Committee. The informative get together was attended by Asif Farooqi, Ikram Shah, Abdul Lateef, Arshad kazmi and other supporters. Special thanks to Arif Ali Bhai for extending his support.