MQM south Florida unit had organize a meeting to celebrate YOUM-E-TASEES of APMSO in a hotel in which office bearers of the unit,supporters of MQM , and elite of the city attended the occasion in large numbers along with their families. The meeting was organized to take advantage of the presence of Waseem Akhter Bhai EX Provisional Minister of Sindh, Pakistan,and present member National Assembly from Sindh ,who was on a short private visit to south Florida.
The cake cutting ceremony was performed by Waseem Akhtar Bhai and EX MPA S.M.Mohiuddin Bhai.Apart from other speakers Waseem Bhai gave a brief account of the circumstances in which APMSO was founded by Altaf Bhai. Waseem Bhai paid great tribute to the stateman ship and foresightedness of Altaf Bhai specially on terrorism and present political crises in the country. In the end,MQM south Florida unit said thanks to audience and dinner was served.