Iftar Party in S. Florida (oct-05-2006)

Khidmat-e-Khalq committee / SUN USA (S.Florida) organized an Iftar Party. Joint organizer MQM USA Farhat Khan Bhai was also present. Harris Usmani Bhai hosted the program. Program started after Iftari at 8:15 with Tilawaat e Quran by Ferooz Bhai. After recitation of Holy Quran, Nadeem Zafar recited a beautiful “NAAT” (PBUH), which was appreciated by the audience.

In packed hall, MQM Unit-In-charge Arsalan Qureshi (Kashif) Bhai welcome the audiences and thanked the community for taking interest in this fund raising event. He introduced every member of his unit committee to the audiences. Ex MPA S. Mohiuddin Bhai did the effective introduction regarding KKC and its work in Pakistan.
Farhat Khan Bhai Joint organizer congratulated the unit and unit committee for organizing this annual Iftar. In his speech he stated in detail that how Quaid-E-Tehreek Altaf Bhai founded KKC in 1978 to help poor students and destitute people.The sapling planted by Quaid-e-Tehreek has now grown into a tall and thick tree, which is providing shades to millions of poor and deprived students, widows, orphaned children, disabled and helpless people.Farhat bhai further emphasized that due to extension of organizational structure in overseas, and by taking part in Tsunami & Katrina, we have launched SUN USA, (Society for Unwell & Needy) to help our society prosper, we need to help those, in need, in the community we live in.   
Farhat Bhai requested to all workers and well-wishers to whole-heartedly support The SUN USA.