Members of MQM USA's NJ Unit including Nigheran-e-Ala Huda Khan bhai, Unit-in-Charge Asad Siddiqi bhai,  Shabber Abbas bhai, Tayab Hussain bhai, Majid Ali bhai, Arsalan Khan bhai, Iqbal Shakoor bhai, and Dr. Shahid Rizvi bhai were in attendance at a Yaum-e-Shuhada meeting. A number of important issues were discussed during the Yaum-e-Shuhada meeting in NJ.

First all of the sathis prayed fateha for all of the Shuhada of MQM and prayed to Allah that he give them a place in heaven and forgive their sins. Every sathi made a personal statement regarding the Shuhada and the point was emphasized that we should not forget our martyred sathis as they are  the reason we are here today. Tayab bhai briefed the sathis about  the Shuhada's support program and informed them about how individual  sathis who are financially well off can support a family that has been affected by the martyrdom of one of their sons or daughters with financial aid on a monthly basis. Tayab bhai informed the sathis that MQM does provide financial aid to the families of shuhada who are in need and this is something that Qaid-e-Tehreek Altaf bhai regularly follows-up on.

Other issues discussed during the meeting were the upcoming Qurbani collection drive that is annually done throughout the world. Sathis also suggested that MQM USA should consider organizing more  initiatives that aid the poor within the US such as on the day of  Christmas where many aid organizations arrange food drives and serve  food to the poor at soup kitchens for the homeless and the needy. At the end of the meeting the Sathis discussed issues regarding the local unit and addressed other issues of local importance.