Thanks Punjab! 

The crowd chants “Long Live Altaf Hussain!” 

MQM New York Chapter holds a rally in Brooklyn,
New York in the hub of the Pakistan community of Coney Island.

On Sunday, May 9, MQM New York chapter with the support of the MQM New York Advisory Committee celebrated the huge success of the recent MQM convention in Punjab.  This celebration took place in the heart of Brooklyn, in Coney Island, also known as mini-Pakistan.  The rally was led by Gul Muhammad, Asma Rohail, and Khursheed ul-Haq and was joined by several other MQM workers including former Provincial Minister Arif Siddiqui, President of Karachi Club Aslam Baig, Anees Siddiqui, and Zia ul-haq as well as workers from Punjab and Mr. Abdur Rehman, Javed J.  The participants were waving flags of Pakistan and MQM and were proudly demonstrating Altaf Hussain's portraits.  Gul Muhammad and Asma Rohail thanked all the Punjabi brothers and sisters for their enormous contribution and support of MQM.  They also requested their continuous support of MQM throughout Pakistan.  At the end of the event, sweets were distributed throughout the attendees by the NY chapter members.