Women Wing MQM USA Stages Huge Protest Rally In Front Of UN Building In Collaboration with MQM New York Chapter
Swat Incident Is A Stigma On The Face Of Humanity: Women Wing, MQM USA

Media Cell, MQM USA; New York; April 9, 2009: A huge protest rally was staged today in front of UN Building in New York by Women Wing, MQM USA in collaboration with MQM New York Chapter, to protest against Swat Incident in which a teenage girl was flogged publicly by Talibans last week. This protest rally was also in continuation of the protest rallies staged by MQM worldwide last week to protest the same. The rally was attended by the Patron-in-Chief MQM North America, office bearers and members of Women Wing, MQM USA, office bearers of MQM USA, office bearers and workers of MQM New York, office bearers and members of Youth Wing New York, members of The Advisory Committee, MQM New York, as well as the supporters and members of the Pakistani community including women in large number. The participants of this peaceful rally were holding placards inscribed with slogans against Talibans, their terrorist activities, Talibanization of northern parts of Pakistan, and urban areas of Sindh. There were also slogans which said that Talibans are nothing but the other name of terrorism. Those who spoke at the rally utterly condemned the Swat Incident and said that those societies where women are not respected cannot be proclaimed civil societies. They also said that the picture of religion portrayed by Talibans is a distorted one and this is the high time that a consolidated effort be made to wipe out the terrorists and terrorism from the planet of earth to make this planet a better place to live for the human being. At the end of the rally the office bearers of Women Wing MQM met the officials of UN and handed them over the Memorandum and a “Dossier” produced by MQM USA against the activities of Taliban.
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