The Sohrab Goth Mishap Of October 31, 1986 Will Always Be Remembered With A Painful Note As A Conspiracy Against People Of Karachi: Muttahida Quami Movement, USA

Communication & media Cell, MQM USA; New York; October 31, 2009: The Patron-in-Chief MQM North America Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Patron MQM USA Ibad Rehman, The Central Organizer Kamal Zafar, and the members of the Central Organizing Committee, MQM USA have said, in a statement issued today, that the painful memories of Sohrab Goth Mishap on October 31, 1986 will always be remembered, with a painful note, as a heinous conspiracy against the people of Karachi in which dozens of innocent workers of MQM were killed and numerous were injured. They said that the attack was planned and done by the drug mafia to suppress and kill the new sprouting leadership under the leadership of Quaid e Tehreek to fight injustice, inequality, tyranny, and to free Karachi from the clutches of encircling drug mafia. The office bearers of MQM USA further said that the vision, wisdom, and farsightedness of Quaid e Tehreek, even at that time, was visualizing the future scenario as to how the network of evil forces and drug mafia will be structured around Karachi using all the conspiratorial devices against the inhabitants of Karachi. They insisted that after 23 years, with the same token of conspiracies against the peoples of Karachi, Talibans, a name synonymous to drug mafia, are being trafficked in Karachi and being rehabilitated around Karachi at the strategic locations by sectarian organizations, religious fanatics, fundamentalists, the so-called political and religious parties, and the fundamentalist elements in the security forces of the country in order to besiege Karachi from outside. The members of the Central Organizing Committee reiterated that the workers of MQM, by the grace of God, were able to defend people of Karachi 23 years ago, and are able to defend people of Karachi today too. They said that they are united and under the leadership of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain and will fight against Talibanization of Karachi which is today’s shape of the then drug mafia. The members of the Central Organizing Committee paid tribute to the martyrs of Sohrab Goth Mishap and prayed to almighty God for blessings on them and their souls to be placed in eternal peace.