MQM NY Holds a "Tarhi" Mushira in view of Mah-e-Fikr & Rabita Campaign. (09-11-2004)

MQM USA's awami rabita campaign as well as Mah-e-Fikr program series reaches the city of New York where the local unit holds a mushira. The Tarhi mushairah was the first ever event organized by Gehwar-e-Adab in New York . Mr.Kamal Waris Khan performed the Nizamat of the Mushaira, and invited the local poets Wasif Hussain Wasif, Mr. Khalid Irfan, Mr. Masroor Jawed, Mr. Abbas Hussain Raza, Mr. Raees Warsi, Mr. Najeeb Syed Bokhari, and Mr. Hanif Akhgar who was the president of this Mushairah. Gahwar-e-Adab of NY incharge Rohail Khan briefly described the history of Gahwar-e-Adab. Unit Incharge Khalida Shuja and her committee congratulated Gahwar-e-Adab team for organizing this successful Mushairah.