MQM USA New York Observes Yaum-e-Tashakkur (The Day Of Thanks) And 24th Foundation Day Of MQM

Muttahida Quami Movement USA, New York Unit observed Yaum-e-Tashakkur (The Day Of Thanks)to celebrate unparalleled victory of Muttahida Quami Movement in the last General Elections 2008 in Pakistan, and celebrated 24th. Foundation Day of MQM simultaneously in a gathering organized at New York Unit In-charges residence. This dual event was attended by the large number of people including member of New York Unit Committee, New York Advisory Committee, Gahwarah e Adab, Youth Wing USA, Youth Wing New York, Central Helping Committee MQM USA, Central Organizing Committee MQM USA, Nigraan e Aala MQM North America, workers and supporters of MQM New York. Many people spoke at the occasion including members Youth Wing, New York Unit Committee and Central Committee, but, as usual, the keynote deliverance came form Nigraan e Aala MQM North America Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui who apprised the gathering of the current political situation of Pakistan and MQMs role in future. He said that the organizations with values and traditions celebrate their victories with Yaum-e-Tashakkur which is a Thanksgiving to our creator. He also spoke with reference to the 24th Foundation Day of MQM and said that in a brief period of 3 years after its inception MQM had proved its vote bank to the ruling class of Pakistan and this was the scare of that vote bank that an operation was executed on us in 1992. He warned that the Tehreek has reached to a point now that any decision about Pakistan would be incomplete and invalid without MQMs advice, and whenever the history of Pakistan will be written that has to bear the history of MQM too. The enthusiasm of the gathering was worth watching when at the end of the event Saathi Video was played and every one stood up and sang loudly with the Saathi song. The event culminated at dinner.