Saga of Sports continued with the 8th Annual Philadelphia Cricket Tournament

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Philadelphia; May 24, 2009:  And the saga continued where this time the excitement and thrill was on the verge as the spectators were holding their breaths when New York and Washington D.C. battled in a cricket match that could win them the trophy. This is the commentary on the final match of the 8th Annual Philadelphia Cricket Tournament held last Sunday in Core Creek Park, Philadelphia where the incredible performance made it easily possible for Washington D.C. to win the trophy of this annual gala at Philadelphia.

The Annual Cricket Tournament at Philadelphia has become more of a ritual and legendary in nature as this annual gala is held religiously every year for the last 8 years which not only serves as a cricket tournament but also serves as picnic event for the workers and supporters of MQM and their families in the northeast region. More than 150 MQM workers and supporters along with their families attended the get together.
The 8th Annual Cricket Tournament was inaugurated formally with a formal bowling of Junaid Bhai and batting by Patron-in-Chief, MQM North America, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and shortly afterwards the teams ranked in the field. The teams that participated in this tournament were from New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. Philadelphia filed in with two teams, Philadelphia A and Philadelphia B. The team were lead by Arif Bhai, Nasir Bhai, Faisal Bhai, Mehfooz Bhai, & Taqi Kamal Bhai respectively.

The first match of the tournament was played between New Jersey and Washington D.C. The match was won by Washington D.C. After that the second match was between Philadelphia B and New York. The match was easily won by New York. And finally, the match was played between Washington D.C. and New York and won by Washington D.C. Last but not least, Philadelphia A beat New York to win the second position in the tournament.
The chief guests at the event were Yasin Chughtai and Anwar Khan from Pakistan American Society. Among other guests were Rana Taj who is an Attorney-at-Law, Porya, Malik Sahab, and Imran Sahab. Khalid Bhai handed the winning trophy to the Washington D.C.ís Captain, Faisal Bhai. Qamar Baji awarded second position to Captain Mehfooz Bhai of Philadelphia A Team. And finally, Best Man of the Match trophy went to Saad Wasim Bhai for his outrageous performance. All the guest and participants enjoyed the abundance of food prepared by Shakil Khan Bhai and Wasee Bhai throughout the event. While everyone was enjoying the match, the kids participated in their own set of board games and other activities such as soccer.

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