Philadelphia Unit Met With Youngest Congressman Patrick Murphy (Dec-04-06)

Care taker MQM USA Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui Bhai  met with members of Philadelphia Unit, Mr. Nisar Ahmed Panhwar MNA of MQM from Azizabad Karachi were also present.  Those who attended the meeting were Members Central Committee Mehfooz Hyderi Bhai & Mohammed  Arshad Hussain Bhai,  Huda Khan Bhai, Incharhge, MQF, Joint Unit Incharge and other senior members of Philadelphia Unit. Meeting was held at the residence of Rizwan Malik Bhai, Unit Incharge Philadelphia.

On separate occasion, Member Central Committee MQM USA Mohammed Arshad Hussain and Unit Incharge Philadelphia Mohammed Rizwan Malik along with other workers of Philadelphia Unit met with youngest Congressman Patrick Murphy. The event was hosted by Pakistani American Society. Mr Taqi Kamal, Incharge  Gahwarae Adab, Philadelphia, Mr. Rana Taj (Attorney at Law), Patron, Mr Malik Suleman, President of Pakistan American Society and  Mr. Anwar Khan, Vice President of Pakistan American Society were also present.