Former Incharge MQM Philadelphia Rizwan Mallick Elected as Chairman, and MQM USA Official Arshad Hussain Appointed Executive Director of Asian Federation USA

MQM USA Office-Bearers Arshad Hussain & Mehfooz Hydari Appointed Members, Advisory Council of  The Police Commissioner, Philadelphia

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Philadelphia; November 03, 2009: Rizwan Mallick, the former MQM Philadelphia Incharge gets the honor of being the first Pakistan-American to be elected as Chairman, Asian Federation USA since the year 2000. In the same instance MQM USA official Arshad Hussain has been appointed Executive Director of Asian Federation USA. Rizwan Mallick and Arshad Hussain are socially very active for a decade in the Asian community and have the aim of uniting the twelve nationalities being represented by the Asian Federation USA. Rizwan Mallick Arshad Hussain, and another office bearer of MQM Mehfooz Hydari have been putting collective efforts to strengthen the ties between the Asian community, Philadelphia Police Department, and the local politicians. Meanwhile Rizwan Mallick, Arshad Hussain, and Mehfooz Hydari have also been appointed members of the Advisory Council to the Police Commissioner Philadelphia by the Police Commissioner, Philadelphia.

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