Distinguished guests and the organizers of todayís event; Good Evening.

Iím Uzma Hussain, incharge of MQM Philadelphia chapter and It is my pleasure to address this gathering on behalf of the MQM, which is the third largest political party of Pakistan working in the U.S as a social and charitable organization. Our organization was founded by our Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain in 1978 on the very same philosophy of all the educated nations of the world including America. That is the philosophy of equality, justice and freedom for all, the philosophy that costs America over 4 thousand lives on 911, the same philosophy costs MQM over 25 thousand lives in last 25 years. Our leader is still in exile in London but he enjoys ruling the hearts of the common people of Pakistan, the same way as America enjoys its leadership amongst all the freedom lovers around the world.

With so much in common, we are the only political party of Pakistan that stands firm with the world community in its war against terrorism. On the one hand we are educating the masses in Pakistan to have a wider vision, teaching them to put the humanity before religions and ethnicities. Our leader taught us that winning this struggle may still be far away but staying in it is within our powers. This is exactly what we are doing around us.

Our thirteen major chapters in the United States are busy day and night flourishing our leaderís philosophy, and in the line of their duty they are using all available resources including but not limited to engaging themselves in the local political arena. Our higher leadership in the U.S is supporting several candidates for Senate and Congress based upon the issues and problems faced by their constituents and not based upon their party affiliations. We are closely monitoring President Bush and John Kerry while they are on their campaign trail. So far we have only been contacted by the Kerry camp in Washington DC, Houston and Miami which right away gives John Kerry an edge over others.

MQM USA believes that the domestic matters like Job creation, healthcare, legalization of illegal immigrants, fixing of patriot act, gun control, civil liberties, national security and environmental protection are the issues equally important as the international fronts where America is engaged behind enemy lines.

I, on behalf of our leader and founder Mr. Altaf Hussain as well as on behalf of our local leadership in the U.S, wholeheartedly thank the democratic party for extending their invitation to us to speak this evening.

I encourage you all to visit our three major web sites, mqm.com, mqmusa.com and mqmcanada.com for up to date information on our activities.

Thanks You All.