MQM Philadelphia Unit Celebrates Independence Day of Pakistan

The nation has celebrated the 59th anniversary of its independence on Monday with traditional enthusiasm and renewed pledge to make the country prosperous and strong. In US, the celebrations have been going on with great fervor and in a befitting manner with traditional zeal and enthusiasm. MQM USA Philadelphia unit joined hands with various Pakistani Association of great Philadelphia celebrate this day with great pride and enthusiasm. National anthem was presented by MQM USA central committee member Arshad Hussain.

After hectic day of hard work the joint New York and New Jersey team won the Championship .The match started at 2:30 pm in the morning and lasted until 7:00 pm. Around 3:00 pm MQM Philadelphia committee received visiting honorable guests Dr. Mahn Suh Park  -- Chairman of the Asian American Federation as well as city controller of Philadelphia, Mr. Alan Butkovitz and Mr. Sabzada syed Nazim Ali Nizami (Kadi Nasheen Hazrat Nizam ud Deen Auliya ( RA ).

Dr. Park congratulated the MQM Philadelphia unit who organized this event and all the participants. Dr. Park also brought the congratulation messages from Hon. Mayor John Street, who was out of town at the moment. The MQM Philadelphia Unit in charge Mr. Rizwan Malik thanked Dr. Park, Mr Alan and Mr. Sabzada syed Nazim Ali for their support . More than a hundred family members and friends came to attend this Independence Celebrations.
At the end of the tournament MQM USA's acting central organizer congratulated MQM Philadelphia's unit for their continuous efforts in holding this annual event, especially he applauded the hard work put  on by the unit in charge Ms. Rizwan Malik and all the committee members.