Combined Efforts Of Nigraan e Aala And MNA Win Trophy For New York In 7th Annual Philadelphia Cricket Tournament……

 Philadelphia, May 26, 2008: The excitement and thrill was on the verge and the spectators were holding breaths when New York and Philadelphia were battling in a cricket match which could win them the trophy. This is the commentary on the final match of the 7th Annual Philadelphia Cricket Tournament held last Sunday in Philadelphia where the incredible bowling of Nigraan e Aala Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and mesmerizing batting, well decorated with Fours and Sixes, from MNA Tayyab Hussain Bhai made it easily possible for New York to win the trophy of this annual gala at Philadelphia. 

The Annual Cricket Tournament at Philadelphia has become more of a ritual and legendary in nature as this annual gala is held religiously every year for the last 7 years which not only serves as a cricket tournament, it also serves as picnic event for the workers and supporters of MQM and their families in the northeast region.

The 7th Annual Cricket Tournament was inaugurated formally with a formal bowling and batting by Nigraan e Aala and MNA and shortly after that the teams ranked in the field. The teams which participated in this tournament were from New York, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. Contrary to the usual practice, New Jersey Unit did not participate in this event because of their own commitments, while Philadelphia filed in with two teams, Philadelphia A led by Mehfooz Hydari and Philadelphia B led by Arshad Hussain.  

The first match of the tournament was between Washington DC and Philadelphia B. The match was won by Philadelphia. After that the second match was between Philadelphia A and New York led by Tayyab Hussain. The match was easily won by New York. And finally the final was played between Philadelphia B and New York and won by New York.  

The chief guest at the event was the reputed businessman of Philadelphia Mr. Paly who gave the trophy to the winner, The New York Team Captain Tayyab Hussain, while the trophy for the runners up was given to the Philadelphia B Cricket Team captain Arshad Hussain. All the guest and participants of the event enjoyed the abundance of food and different activities such as soccer for kids.