MQM Philadelphia Arranges Eid Milan

It turned out to be a great reunion of MQM USA workers from all over USA and Haq Parast community in north east when MQM Philadelphia held an Eid Milan in a local banquet hall on Saturday, October 25, 2008. This colorful event while attended by the newly wed couple Nigraan e Aala MQM North America Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and his wife Rahat Baji, Nigraan, MQM USA, members of the Central Committee, MQM USA, members Helping Committee, MQM USA, heads and members of the wings and subsidiaries of MQM USA, it was also attended in large number by a beautiful mix of Pakistani community from all over north east America. The event was made colorful with a musical evening which started after the dinner and which mainly featured the local talent and performers. The mainstay of the event and the evening was the extempore performance of member Central Organizing Committee, MQM USA Mehfooz Hydari who anchored the evening and virtually amplified the occasion larger than the life. Mehfooz Hydari also called on the stage the office bearers of MQM USA and dignitaries on the stage and asked their opinion about the Eid Milan arranged by the Philadelphia Unit.