Mehfil e Mushairah By Gahwarah e Adab Philadelphia

The Mehfil e Mushairah became memorable when three well-known poets from New York Ferhat Nadeem, Mujid Nazimabadi (Rohail Khan- In charge Gahwarah e Adab, USA), and Prof Younus Sharar Joined the Mehfil e Mushairah organized by the Gahwarah e Adab Philadelphia. This Mushairah was held at the residence of famous poet Pervaiz Faruqi on Saturday May 03, 2008. the local poets who participated in the Mehfil e Mushairah include Zamzam Zaidi, Ammar Faruqi, Wasim Malik, Ejaz Sabir, Seemab Fatima, Arshad Hussain, Mehfooz Hydari, Mohammad Ayub, Ghazi Salahuddin, and Talat Isharat. The poetry (Kalam) of both the local and guest poets was liked alike, however, the poetry of guest poets and Pervaiz Faruqi and Talat Isharat from the local poets was applauded a lot. The Mehfil e Mushairah ended past midnight with the announcement of the names of the Committee Members of Gahwarah e Adab Philadelphia by the In-charge Gahwarah e Adab USA. As per announcement Talat Isharat will continue as Incharge, Pervaiz Faruqi has been appointed as Joint In-charge, and Naghma Suboohi, Mohammad Ayub, Seemab Fatima, Ghazi Salahuddin have been announced as members.