MQM USA Political Action Committee Invited by the Governorship Candidate In Virginia!
Yet Another Step Ahead In Local Politics.

Media Cell, MQM USA; Virginia; March 28, 2009: It was a day of big achievement for MQM USA on the Local Politics front when the members of the Political Action Committee MQM USA including the Head of the committee Ajaz Siddiqui and the members of the MQM Washington DC/ Virginia Chapter were invited by the Republican candidate for the Governorship in Virginia. Our volunteers not only participated in the Kick-off Rally for the Election Campaign of contesting candidate Bob McDonnell for the upcoming elections, they were also especially recognized and endorsed by the contesting candidate Bob McDonnell. MQM USA volunteers were also invited on the stage and in his address Bob McDonnell recognizes the services of the workers of MQM USA for the Pakistani and American community. Bob McDonnell also said that he is looking forward to see a better relationship with MQM USA in future and that he hopes that the MQM USA would endorse him as the next Governor of Virginia.

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